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Cleaning Trade Sales & Service has been at the forefront of catering to the cleaning requirements of domestic, commercial, and industrial clients for nearly four decades. Our comprehensive selection of cleaning chemical supplies ensures a bespoke solution perfectly suited to meet your needs.

Among our main offerings are AKTIVO chemical supplies, a distinguished line of Australian-made and owned cleaning chemical products. Renowned for their effectiveness, AKTIVO prides itself on leveraging the most advanced global technologies to formulate high-performance dishwashing, laundry, kitchen, and coffee cleaning solutions.

Together, we’ll ensure your cleaning needs are met with the utmost efficiency and care.

We also offer high-performance equipment and specialised repair services. Our team stand firm in our commitment to excellence - from the quality of our cleaning supplies to the interactions we have with our customers - aiming always to surpass your expectations.

Do have a look at our range of AKTIVO chemical cleaning products.

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CTSS Is Your Trusted Source for AKTIVO Chemical Supplies

The partnership between CTSS and AKTIVO Chemical Supplies is revolutionizing the way customers tackle their cleaning challenges. At CTSS, we aim to combine our extensive expertise in providing quality cleaning solutions with AKTIVO's superior cleaning chemical products. This collaboration ensures that every cleaning requirement is met with precision and efficiency.

Customers now have access to a wider range of premium cleaning chemical supplies. These are designed to cater to diverse cleaning needs across various industries and settings. This synergy brings together the best of both worlds: CTSS’s commitment to customer satisfaction and AKTIVO’s dedication to creating powerful, yet safe cleaning products.

As a result, customers can benefit from an array of cleaning chemical products that not only deliver exceptional cleaning results, but also prioritise safety and sustainability.

Together, CTSS and AKTIVO are setting new standards in the cleaning industry. We want to empower customers to achieve their desired level of cleanliness with ease and confidence.

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