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Cleaning Trade Sales & Service is a custom-first company. We are committed to providing you with the best cleaning supplies for your home, office, and industrial spaces. That’s why we have been a proud supplier of Research Products. Whether you want to keep your office, clinic, processing plant, or lab spotless, Research Product chemical supplies are perfect for all cleaning and disinfecting needs.

Research Products has become a household name in Australia since its establishment in 1982. It is one of the leading innovators in hard surface and carpet cleaning solutions. Many Research Products supplies, like CROSSFIRE, HALO, and NEUTRACLEAN, are recognised for their fast action and deep cleaning properties. These products are ideal for commercial, industrial, and domestic cleaning applications.

Our Research Product cleaning supplies include:

  • Odour Lifters and Fungicides
  • Instant Action Cleaners
  • Fact Acting Degreasers
  • Rug Cleaners
  • Streak-Free Glass Cleaners
  • Floor Cleaners
  • Synthetic Fibre Cleaners

At CTSS, we always recommend high-quality cleaning products like those by Research Products. These cleaning products are best suited for many applications, especially in the meat, food, and seafood processing industries. Plus, the Research Products cleaning supplies get tested rigorously. So, the cleaning is guaranteed to reduce the risk of infections or contamination.

If you are looking for reliable cleaning supplies, look no further. Try one of the Research Products today to experience the difference.

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Why settle for less when you can quickly order Research Products cleaning supplies? They provide high-quality, commercial-grade cleaning supplies suitable for home, office, and industrial cleaning needs. CTSS stocks and supplies all Research Products cleaners. 

We are a family-owned business that has been serving customers across South Australia for nearly four decades. Whatever your cleaning needs be, we’ve got just the right product for you. Browse our products now, or contact us for custom solutions.