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Cleaning your floors has never been this easy. Cleaning Trade Sales and Service (CTSS) offers top-of-the-line Bona chemicals suited to every cleaning scenario- be it cosy homes or bustling commercial environments. Get ready to experience unparalleled shine and radiance with our range of Bona cleaning products.

Ever since Bona was established in 1919, they’ve valued passion, performance, and pioneering above all else. Each of their cleaners is carefully engineered to bring out the beauty of your floors. With Bona floor cleaners, cleanliness goes beyond the surface- it's at the core of what they do.

Bona also values sustainability. Their goal is to do whatever they can to protect their environment and help make the world a better place. To achieve this, they:

  • Introduced the first waterborne wood floor finish with low VOC formulas
  • Included a dust containment system to make refinishing floors clean and safe
  • Ensured all their products carry third-party certifications
  • Use safe, eco-friendly ingredients in their products
  • Recycle materials within their own production and design to reduce landfill clutter
  • Avoid animal testing
  • Eliminate waste with refillable spray bottles and spray mop cleaners

As a certified Bona chemical supplier, we ensure our inventory is stocked with only the highest quality and most effective solutions. Our comprehensive range includes everything from meticulous hardwood floor cleaners to specialised formulations for laminate and tile. Bona chemical supplies are crafted to help you achieve spotless floor conditions effortlessly, ensuring your spaces not only look pristine but also maintain their integrity over time.

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Cleaning Trade Sales and Service (CTSS) is the premier choice for cleaning supplies and services in Adelaide. As a family-owned South Australian business, we have dedicated over 38 years to serving the cleaning needs of domestic, commercial, and industrial clients. Our extensive product range, which includes both proprietary CTSS brand chemicals, Bona chemical supplies, and a variety of other popular brands, ensures that we have all your cleaning requirements covered.

For any queries regarding our products or to get advice on the best Bona chemical supplies for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to assist you with expert recommendations and support.