Floor Scrubber Machine

If you’re looking for a game-changer in the cleaning game, Cleaning Trade Sales & Service has just what you need. We’re talking about our floor scrubber machines.

These machines aren’t just another gadget in the cleaner’s toolkit – floor scrubbers are a time and money-saving wizard for anyone dealing with hard floor surfaces.

Picture this: a machine tailor-made for efficiently cleaning vast floor areas, leaving them looking brand new.

It starts by spraying a cleaning solution, and then custom-designed brushes begin to break down dirt and grime.

Next, the machine vacuums up the dirty liquid, leaving a squeaky-clean, non-slippery surface in its wake.

Why bother with the ancient mop-and-bucket routine when you can automate floor-cleaning? When you use a floor scrubber, you get quick cleaning and drying, minimising the risk of slippery floors.

Get ready for an effective, cost-efficient, and safe cleaning solution with a high-quality floor scrubber!

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Get The Best Floor Scrubbers from Renowned Australian Brands!

At home or in your business space, clean floors are non-negotiable. They set the first impression on visitors and are the backdrop for successful meetings.

CTSS is your go-to provider for top-notch cleaning solutions, including commercial floor scrubbers. As you can see, we’ve got an array of floor scrubber machines that are not only durable, but also user-friendly.

We offer the best floor scrubbers from renowned Australian brands, ensuring quality products - from motors to brushes.

As a 100% Aussie-owned company with over 38 years of industry expertise, we’re committed to providing sweeping and floor scrubbing machines.